The Preemptive Beauty Care a new beauty world with an aim of highly functional aging care
In our skin, metabolism is always going on by nature; a marvelous process of taking needs in and discharging unneeds. However, aging hinders this process, causing skin troubles such as wrinkles and dark spots. INNATUS is a skin care brand that is based on a simple idea of giving skin moisture and nourishment and removing impurities and effect of UV, to facilitate skin's own process. From its start in 1989, INNATUS has kept sheer persistence on its products being weakly acid, fragrance- and color-free, and mild to skin using plant-derived extract. And now, INNATUS offers its product series that have come from the state-of-the-art bioscience with an aim of highly functional aging care (*1) , always based upon its original philosophy of the Preemptive Beauty Care, that is, preventing skin troubles. By using its items in the correct steps, you can bring out tightness and glow in your skin and slow aging. (*1) Aging care: Skin care considering age
Keep seeking cutting-edge science and technology with the best technical partners
INNATUS carefully keeps on its idea of product development; severe check of safety of raw materials, constant research of product formulation milder to skin, improvement of formulation technology to allow reducing antiseptic in its products as much as possible, and more. Combination of joint researches with universities and other research institutes and technology of INNATUS's own has brought about effective product formulation. In order to release more potentials of skin, INNATUS is now focusing on the care that has an effect on the health of internal organs.
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Epoch-making advancement of skin care by newly compounding peptide, a substance that attracts much attention
Peptide has been attracting much attention since Dr. Stanley Norman Cohen won the Nobel prize for the study on EGF (human oligopeptide). It is widely used in foreign countries as an ingredient of medicine, for burn treatment, for example. INNATUS noticed the high skin absorbtivity of peptide (*3) and curing skin, and began a research to newly introduce peptide into its products. It selected a few types of evidenced peptides from all over the world to find out the best type for its products. After the long research of more than three years, the renewed products have been finally completed in 2016. Your skin will show more radiance by using all items of this series.
(*3) skin: here, keratin
New Bottle Design
Bottles for no residual and with wishes for you, shining women
In October 2015, INNATUS has renewed the well-received bottles of its skin care series. After that renewal, the new larger caps allow the bottles to be put upside-down, for the purpose of minimizing residual. INNATUS has also improved the bottle design into easy-to-grip one with dimples for fingers based upon different engineering approaches, because the former glass bottles that had been used to keep product quality since the launch of the INNATUS brand in 1989 had drawbacks in weight and slipperiness. The new bottles are of the shape of a tsuzumi, a Japanese traditional handheld drum. With the lucky image of growth associated with the flared shape of a tsuzumi, INNATUS wishes you happiness and fortune. INNATUS also wishes you to feel like a princess when you have one of our products in your hand, even on a hard and busy day. The bottles are thus elegantly colored in white, gold, and royal blue, and added with graceful pearly luster. Indulge in a skin care experience with INNATUS while thinking of happy tomorrow!
Yuko Kusumi, around the time when INNATUS released its first skin care series

The development of INNATUS skin care series started because YUKO KUSUMI,the founder of INNATUS, suffered from Riehl melanosis due to cosmetic fregrance and pigment. In cooperation with dermatologists and other experts, INNATUS began its origianl researches in dermatology and pharmacognosy. As the result of those research efforts, INNATUS skin care series has come into the world in 1989 --- the moment when the founder's wish "skin care products everyone can use without worry" has first settled into shape. The first generation of the INNATUS skin care series has been released in January 1989.

The first INNATUS skin care series was composed of only four items; Cleansing Lotion II, Beauty Pack, Balmy Lotion, and Refreshing Cream. By 1996, total nine series products have come out one by one. On the other hand, INNATUS has undertaken the "1% Project" in 1998. It is the project of donating 1% of its product turnover to charity organizations as philanthropy, based on Kusumi's private experiences in many countries she visited. In 2002, the Japan Culture Promoting Association highly appreciated the project and awarded Kusumi, the founder and current executive chairperson of INNATUS, the social and cultural order medal.

Awarded with the social and cultural order medal by the Japan Culture Promoting Association
Yuko Kusumi, amongst the flowers

In September 2007, Harutaka Banno, Deputy Director at that time, has succeeded Kusumi's wish and been installed as President and CEO. With this change, INNATUS has more focused on bioscience for its future. In 2012, it has released Health Reborn, a supplement drink with an eye to health of internal organs. Now, Yuko Kusumi, a woman and our current executive chairperson who has given birth to and brought up the INNATUS skin care series, is living a happy life amongst the flowers in an English garden of her long-cherished dream in Karuizawa.