INNATUS has a skin care series with total nine items,
a lip care series that protects your sensitive lips,
a body care series that washes your body while keeping your skin moisturized,
a hair care series that gorgeously uses damask rose oil,
and an inner care series that supports health and beauty of your iinternal organs.
INNATUS is a skin care brand recommendable for any skin,
including sensitive skin.


SKINcare seriese

Skin care series: Weakly acid, fregrance- and color-free. Total nine items of our skin care series contain no unnecessary ingredients. Made from thoroughly selected materials and state-of-the-art bioscience, they mildly care your skin in three steps.


Lip care series: Natural moisturizing ingredients of INNATUS lip care items make your lips kissable.


Total body care series: Each item of the series refreshes your body and gives you energy for tomorrow.


Hair care series: INNATUS hair care items wrap you up in heavenly scent of damask rose.


Nutrition function food: INNATUS' food with nutrient function claims (FNFC) is enriched with concentrated extract powder of black raspberry.